Mugeni surroundings
Memorial Park
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The Memorial Park was planned and built by the Pro Székelyudvarhely Foundation. The park displays 12 bronze busts of well-known historical characters like: Károly Kós, István Bethlen, Miklós Wesselényi, Gábor Bethlen, György Frater, king Saint László, prince Csaba, János Hunyadi, István Báthori, Ferenc Rákóczi the II., gaffer Bem, József Nyírõ, and the 13th statue, the Wandering Szekler. The creators were the artists János Blaskó, Tibor Hell, Sándor Krisztián, Márta Lessenyei and Emõke Tóth.
Szekler - Attacked castle
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The ruin of the 'Szekler-Attacked' Castle is situated just outside the main square at 12 Tompa Laszló street. István Báthory, prince of Transylvania, began construction on the fortress which was later completed by prince János Zsigmond, after he suppressed the rebellion of the Szekler common people in 1562.  The building was completed in Italian style with several bastions, as required by fortress building parlance of the era. After the battle of Sellemberk (1599), the ruined fortress was rebuilt in 1600. In 1706 the fortress was finally ruined and from that date was known as the Ruined castle.
Tompa László Memorial Room
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We can visit a memorial exhibition about the life and work of the poet in the neighborhood of the the castle (No. 10 Tompa László street). The great poet of the Szeklers, translator and magazine editor lived in this one-storey house with an ornate facade.
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