Mugeni surroundings
The City Hall
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The City Hall (once County Hall) was built between 1895-1896 in eclectic style, following the plans of the architect Ottó Stehlo. The merit of the interior architecture is the assembly hall, situated in the end of the closed interior yard. On its place stood the County Hall of Udvarhely region.
Millenium Memorial Column
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The original memorial column was inaugurated in 1897 on the one thousandth anniversary of Hungarian conquest. It stood on the main square of the town until 1919, when it was pulled down following the transfer of power. The present monument was erected in 2008 and is 8,4 m high. The coat of arms of the town and of the comitatus are represented on two of the four sides, the other two being guarded by stone lions.
Backamadarasi Kis Gergely Reformed College
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The Reformed College (Old College, Márton Áron square 1.) was founded in 1670 by count János Bethlen (1613-1678). Later according to the proposal of professor Gergely Kis of Baczkamadaras the old wooden building was destroyed and rebuilt. In front of the new building, presently the Benedek Elek Teacher Training College, which was built near the old one, there is a bronze statue of Elek Benedek (1856-1929), the great narrator, also a former pupil of the school. This b
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