Mugeni surroundings
City Cultural Centre
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The City Cultural Centre (next to Central Park) was built between 1956-1959, with two auditoriums, changing rooms and offices. On its side, at the entrance of the park we can see the bronze statue of Sándor Tomcsa (1897-1963) writer and humorist. The creator statue was crafted by local artist, József Székely.
Bust of prince St. Imre
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In October 2007, on the millennial anniversary Szent Imre's birth, a bust in his honor was unveiled as an important moment in the programs organized for the Szent Imre Millenial Memorial Year.
Life -group statue
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The group of statues unveiled on the 51st anniversary of the Revolution of 1956 is made up of several parts: the statue of Christ, of Virgin Mary, and the stone composition in which they are set. The motifs carved in stone symbolize the struggling souls, the acceptance, the revolt and a certain dynamic restlessness.
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