Mugeni surroundings
Photography of Kováts
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Photography came to our town in 1876. The first photographer was Lukács Ferenczy . In 1903 he was followed by the master photographer  István Kováts who three years later built the daylight studio at Kossuth str. Nr. 24. The daylight studio is unique in Europe because it has been in continual operation since it was founded 1906. From 1942 István Kováts jr., also a master photographer, has continued his father's work. In 2000 he gave his place in the daylight studio to his son  Árpád  Kováts and his wife  Ildikó, both of whom are photographers.
Jesus Chapel
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The Jesus Heart Chapel at the southern end of the city Székelyudvarhely (Medence street 2) is the community's only well-preserved Medieval monument, dating from the 13th Century.  It is built in late Romanesque style and is a four foiled chapel and small church fortress, with a painted coffered ceiling (1667).
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The people of the Late Stone Age settled down on Budvár (a 635 m conglomerate rock gable), and lived there during the Early- and Late Iron Age. Mud huts and remains of the walls of a fortress from Árpád Age have been excavated.  Today, Budvár is a tourist attraction and a place with a beautiful view of the Târnava Mare valley and the Harghita mountains
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