Mugeni surroundings
Gyárfás manison and Petofi's pear tree
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The Petõfi memorial room was opened in the Gyárfás mansion in 2005. This room is famous because it is here that the poet Sándor Petõfi spent his last night before joining and being killed in the battle of Sighiºoara in 1849. One can see the pear tree in the mansion's garden under which he wrote his last poem.
Tamási Aron Memorial House and Monument (Lupeni)
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The birth place of Áron Tamási, the writer of the Szeklerhood, is today the Tamási Memorial House. The Tamási monument was carved from an eight ton andesitic block, brought from the Harghita mountains, by Jenõ and Tibor Szervátiusz. The spear sunk between two oaks behind the church signifies the writer's grave. A Szekler gate with runes on it leads along an alley to the monument which is adorned with representations of heroes from Tamási's writings on its four sides.

The Unitarian Church of Inlaceni
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The village was mentioned in the papal tithe register as early as in 1333. On the boarded ceiling of the 15th century Unitarian church one can read a runic writing from 1668, which was discovered by Balázs Orbán. The church originally had a vaulted ceiling, but it crashed down during the Tatar invasions in 1661 and it received a painted tile ceiling in 1668.
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